Monday, 18 February 2013

...Gently down the stream....

foto by Nina


  1. Gently down the stream
    Life slides in a dream
    Maybe a stone try to stop its glow
    but it cannot make it tarry or slow
    Life brings its peculiar gleam
    And cannot but slide and grow!

    Gently coming down the stream
    caressing pebbles and stems
    in the first glitters a fife
    on the second a mutter of life
    leaving sparkles of pretty gems
    while the water pursues the stream.

    I know Lord Tennyson will smirk from cloud nine!

  2. Wow! I think the poem was superior than the inspiration itself!

  3. Nina, your photo's are excellent.

    Ever entered any photo competitions?

    I want my backyard to look like this.

    1. wow, thats a great compliment! Nopes, have never entered competitions.
      Thank you, Michelle!